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The TL866 II PLUS is NOT compatible with the TL866 A / TL866 CS models. The microcontroller has been changed from a PIC18 to a PIC24F and there are other significant schematic changes. The plastic enclosure for the TL866 II PLUS is identical to the TL866A / TL866CS.


The TL866II PLUS is driven by a Microchip PIC24FJ256GB110 microcontroller which connects directly to the USB.

Original research


TL866 II PLUS photos

Photos of a TL866 II PLUS bought April 2018 from eBay seller goldenchipset.
Red and yellow LEDs were desoldered from mainboard to allow separation of the two PCBs.
TL866 II PLUS socketboard top scan 1200dpi.jpg TL866 II PLUS socketboard bottom scan 1200dpi.jpg TL866 II PLUS mainboard top scan 1200dpi.jpg TL866 II PLUS mainboard bottom scan 1200dpi.jpg