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MiniPro TL866 Community Wiki

NOTE: imported from minipro wiki


This wiki is dedicated to gathering information about the AutoElectrics MiniPro TL866 programmer.

What is MiniPro TL866?

MiniPro TL866 is a universal EEPROM, FLASH, 8051, AVR, MCU, GAL, PIC, SPI chip programmer supporting around 13,000 chips. See Supported_chips

There're two version of the TL866 programmer, the TL866A with ICSP header and TL866CS without ICSP. See TL866_Differences.

This wiki is very much work in progress, any help and feedback would be very appreciated!

Table of Contents:

Difference between TL866A and TL866CS

TL866A has the ICSP header and TL866CS does not, otherwise the devices are physically the same. The TL866CS is also factory programmed to not use the ICSP header.

This means that TL866A supports (in addition to all the chips TL866CS supports):

  • Microchip ICSP support for some chips (in circuit programming)
  • ICSP support for ATmega and SYNCMOS MCU SM89xxx SM59xxx (in circuit programming)
  • AT45DBxxxx ICSP, programmable only on TL866A

Counterfeit programmers

There have been reports of a counterfeit version of the tl866 out of aliexpress. If you end up with one of these the official software will detect it and erase the contents of the PIC onboard. It is theorized that the detection is due to sloppy piracy resulting in the serial number of all the fakes being the same. To restore your device you now need to go though the operation to upgrade it to a tl866a.


ICSP connections are usually deductible from the MiniPro software.

You select the chip, click the ICSP programming option (if available) and then the Information button. This will display a image with the appropriate connections.

The images are also available in the img directory in your MiniPro directory

Handy helper image

TL866 ICSP.png

Source. Thanks radioman!

Supported chips

There're currently approximately 13000 supported chips. List is available on the official website MiniProSupportList.txt.

User NateOcean @ EEVBlog did a interesting overview of the supported chips.

Some interesting quotes:

This shows that of the 1044 unique industry part numbers in the MiniPro list of 13137, that only 34 of 1044 unique parts are needed to account for 50% (6579 entries) of MiniPro's 13137 entries .

The graph shows that only 157 devices are needed to account for 10003 of the 13137 entries.


The schematic in PDF format is available in TL866_schematic.pdf by Radioman.

It's intended use is a better understanding of the TL866 internal workings and is available here purely for experimental and educational purposes.