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For eetime results see EPROM Sensitivity

Xenon erasure

These emit very high peak intensity and seem to erase EPROMs faster


"It seems (because I got it by net auction and don't know exact company of this product), Xenon flasher for UV-rom erasing..."

"5 seconds possible"


Dataman Strobe Erase

10-30 seconds typical

McMaster 2021-02-23

  • Tried super high power strobe light
  • Tried party light
  • Neither erased EPROM

McMaster working EPROM strobe


Spectroline PE-140T

McMaster "gold standard" EPROM eraser. This was pretty common at one time. There are a lot on eBay but unfortunately most are missing the tray Datasheet

Model Automatic

Timer Shut-Off


Erasing Capacity*

Typical intensity


PE-140 No 9 8,000
PE-140T Yes 9 8,000
PE-240T Yes 12 9,600
PL-265T Yes 30 9,600
PR-125T Yes 25 17,000
PR-320T Yes 42 17,000
PC-1100A Yes 84 18,500
PC-2200A Yes 168 18,500
PC-3300A Yes 252 18,500
PC-4400A Yes 336 18,500
PC-4420A Yes 336 50,000**
PC-8820A Yes 840 70,000**
PC-9920A Yes 940 70,000**

TL866 adapter: https://twitter.com/johndmcmaster/status/1505276794156376066

  • There is also a larger version now that covers the entire eraser


Official bulb: Spectronics BLE-2537S

Walmart page claims OEM is USHIO G4T5

Generic name appears to be F4T5/GL

Spec sheet for similar bulb:

  • Wattage: 4W
  • SuperLife: 10,000hrs
  • Base: Mini Bi-Pin
  • Lamp Shape: T5
  • Glass: Clear Quartz Glass
  • UV Emission: 254nm
  • Maximum Overall Length: 6"

McMaster bulbs 2022-03-21:

  • Bulb 1
    • hard to read
    • UVC 64TS
  • Bulb 2
    • BLE-2537S