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XGecu is a line of programmers from Haikou Xingong Electronics Co.,Ltd. Their devices include:

  • TL866 universal programmer (widely cloned, replaced by the TL866 II PLUS)
  • TL866 II PLUS universal programmer
  • T48 universal programmer
  • T56 universal programmer
  • Various CAN bus equipment (out of scope for this wiki)


  • Haikou Xingong Electronics Co.,Ltd: official company name
  • XGecu: line of programmers made by Haikou Xingong including TL866, TL866II, T48, and T56
    • Also known as autoelectric, but this name seems to have fallen out of use
  • minipro: software to control TL866 hardware
    • Notably the proprietary Windows software, but the Linux FOSS CLI software is also called "minipro"
    • Confusingly the original TL866 also says "minipro" on it


They have a table on their website: http://www.xgecu.com/

Some additional info below

Product Socket Other port CPU FPGA FOSS




Schematic Notes


DIP40 ICSP PIC18F87J50 N/A Y Y Y TL866A and TL866CS are same hardware w/ different software
TL866 II PLUS DIP40 ICSP PIC24FJ256 N/A Y N* Y FOSS firmware: some progress was made, but generally abandoned in favor of T48/T56
T48 DIP40 something CH32V307VCT6 N/A N N CPU from McMaster teardown
T56 DIP48 something else PIC32 Spartan 6 N N Board info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHD7OXDYzrQ

List of firmware versions: XGecu_Firmware

Commands summary: XGecu_Protocol (WIP)


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