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Vendor Model Qty Type Ecosystem Interface Note
Actel (BP Microsystems) SiliconSculptor 2 2 Programmer BPM SM Parallel
Actel (BP Microsystems) SM100PQ-ACTEL Socket BPM SM
Actel (BP Microsystems) SM160PQ-ACTEL Socket BPM SM
Actel (BP Microsystems) SMPA-208PQ-ACTEL-1 Socket BPM SM
Autoelectric TL866A 20 Programmer Generic DIP USB Large number of units for teaching classes. More in the mail
Autoelectric TL866CS Programmer Generic DIP USB
BP Microsystems BP-1410 Programmer BPM SM USB 84 pin
BP Microsystems BP-1600 Programmer BPM SM Parallel port 240 pin
BP Microsystems ASM100FBG Socket BPM SM BGA(100), 11x11 mm, 1.0 mm pitch
BP Microsystems SM100TQ Socket BPM SM QFP100
BP Microsystems SM32TC Socket BPM SM TSSOP32
BP Microsystems SM44QC Socket BPM SM QFP44
BP Microsystems SM48D Socket BPM SM DIP
BP Microsystems SM64SDM Socket BPM SM SDIP64
BP Microsystems SM84UP Socket BPM SM PLCC (universal)
BP Microsystems SM40TA Socket BPM SM TSOP(8...40)
BP Microsystems SM64PQ Socket BPM SM QFP(64)
BP Microsystems SM08SHL Socket BPM SM SOIC(2...8)
Dediprog SF600 Programmer SF600
Dediprog Socket SF600 BGA
Xeltek SuperPro 3000U Programmer SP 3000 USB Device list
Xeltek Socket SP 3000 DIP
Xeltek SuperPro 7000 Programmer SP 7000 USB, ethernet Device list
Xeltek EX5223 2 Socket SP 7000 FBGA169/LR2 Unused? Has tab on connectors

"Package: FBGA169/LR2 "

Should I buy a matching socket? What?

Xeltek EX5158-V2 Socket SP 7000 FBGA169/LR1 Came w/ 2x devices. What are they?

"Package: FBGA169/LR1"

Xeltek CX1004 Socket SP 5000 TSOP48
Xeltek CX1031-1 Socket SP 5000 SOIC20


Vendor Model Qty Type Interface Note
N/A mcs51 adapter Socket PLCC, DIP40

wavedrom test