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** 4 good
** 4 good
** 1 with corrupt EEPROM, mostly ignored
** 1 with corrupt EEPROM, mostly ignored
* unk00: always 17
* name: always SM48D
* namei
* namei
** no generally noticeable pattern
** no generally noticeable pattern

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Look them up here: http://www3.bpmicro.com/DeviceList.nsf/SocketSolutions/

Ex: http://www3.bpmicro.com/DeviceList.nsf/SocketSolutions/SM56TB

This is also interesting: http://www3.bpmicro.com/DeviceList.nsf/128c573fb6a3a6d9862579b4006de31f!OpenView

Info: http:www.bpmmicro.com/your-socket-solution/

Device list: http://web.archive.org/web/20120925022829im_/http://www.bpmicro.com/pdf/engineering-device-list.pdf

More info here: https://www.adaptsys.com/support-services/bpm-support/faq


Used on older programmers like BP series

Firmware analysis

Case study on SM48D EEPROM

  • samples
    • 4 good
    • 1 with corrupt EEPROM, mostly ignored
  • unk00: always 17
  • name: always SM48D
  • namei
    • no generally noticeable pattern
    • 0xF0000000 always set
  • unk1E: Relatively small number that varies, possibly serial number
  • pad22: always 0
  • unk26: always 0
  • unk44: always 0x55aa
  • unk46: always 0xa233
  • unk48: always 1
  • pad4A: always 0

Generally seems that there is a structure being used which is initialized to 0. Some fields are unused, keeping them at 0. Anything beyond the structure is 0xFF


Mcmaster bpm sm32tc top.jpg Mcmaster bpm sm32tc top open.jpg Mcmaster bpm sm32tc btm.jpg


Mcmaster bpm sm44qc top.jpg Mcmaster bpm sm44qc top open.jpg Mcmaster bpm sm44qc btm.jpg


Mcmaster bpm sm48d top.jpg Mcmaster bpm sm48d btm.jpg


Ln bpm sm56tb btm.jpg Ln bpm sm56tb top.jpg



Mcmaster bpm sm100tq top.jpg Mcmaster bpm sm100tq btm.jpg


Mcmaster bpm sm-84up top.jpg Mcmaster bpm sm-84up top open.jpg Mcmaster bpm sm-84up top open template.jpg Mcmaster bpm sm-84up templates.jpg


Mcmaster bpm sm-208cqsx-actel top.jpg


Mcmaster bpm sm- bga hsc top.jpg Mcmaster bpm sm- bga hsc btm.jpg

Found at HSC. ASM100FBG is found in the EEPROM


"BGA(100), 1.0 mm pitch"

Only supports 2 devices


Bpm SMAH48DL1.jpg

Closest I could find: SMAH20P (http://www3.bpmicro.com/DeviceList.nsf/SocketSolutions/SMAH20P)

Which is for a "PLCC(20...80)". Weird


FX2, FX4