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Official debugger

  • "DSTREAM, RVI, ULINKpro, ULINKpro D, and ULINK2"
  • "You must use DSTREAM for ARMv8 development."


Might also work


Mixed information about j-link support. I believer it was added briefly and then taken out. You also need a special license from Segger. So, although its possible, its a lot of overhead. You should really use DSTREAM if you can

"RDI support was deprecated a while ago and dropped for RVDS 3.0, so DS-5 Development Studio does not support it. The supported debug probes for DS-5 are currently DSTREAM, ULINKpro & ULINKpro D. Although J-Link isn't currently supported, the RDDI interface used by DS-5 is public and can be used to add 3rd party support for debug probes. You would have to ask Segger about this though."