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These programmers are notable for containing functions to read out protected ICs (via gentle voltage glitching) and permanently destroy test circuitry to prevent security voltage glitching (via strong voltage glitching)


In 2018 RF-910 for sale for $85


RF-1800/810 manual:

In 2018 RF-1800 for sale for $179


"Luckily the PLDs were early GALs which could have their code extracted using a Run-Fei RF-2148USB IC programmer. The software for the programmer allows for some early PLDs with security issues to be copied regardless of the security bit being set. Henry was in luck and was able to read and duplicate all the PLDs for this board."

Lord_Nightmare: "...the rf-2148 (which runfei 'recalled' and had some very broken english explanation why)..."

balrog: "if you can fine an rf-2148 it doesn’t need the [K51 special protect] adapter"


"this (no longer available) RunFei RF-3148 programmer I have has a "Read secured IC" function and a "Special protect" function for at89c52. however the documentation indicates that the latter requires an [K51] adapter that's unobtainium. there's two claimed additional security measures for at89c5x: "otp security" and "data line killing""

Runfei 3148 other menu.png

Runfei 3148 protect dialogue.png

Runfei 3148 unsecure dialogue.png

In 2018 RF-3148 for sale for $229